Nightly Hotel Deals App – Save on your last minute hotel stays.

Last minute booking app offering discounted rooms under $99 for same day reservations.

Walk-in Coupons for Same Day Travel and the coupons are easy to redeem!

Planning ahead of time?  We offer advanced reservations to help you save on your hotel stay.

Nightly Hotel Deals - Save on your last minute getaway!

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Asheville, NC Hotel Deals

Atlanta, GA

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We Make Your life Easier

Hotel Deals $99 or Less

  • Save money on your hotel stay!

  • Make Same Day Reservations

  • Take that spur of the moment trip!

  • We are continuously adding new inventory!

  • Offering Walk-in Coupons and Advanced Reservations too!

Book a $99 or Less Hotel Room Tonight

Our hotels are willing to offer last minute discounts for unused inventory rather than having them go empty for the night leaving you, the traveler, with a great way to save money on your hotel accommodations.

Since we are growing, check back with us from time to time as we continue to add new inventory and let us know where you would like to see more deals offered.

Now we all know that there’s always the issue of the fine print, but in this case it’s very simple.  If you book a room tonight, it’s yours.  All bookings are confirmed and non-refundable.  Since we only offer “tonight only reservations” our hotels have to be guaranteed you will show and they will be paid.  Sorry, but with room rates under $99 our hotels are working with smaller percentages and less room for error.  So what you’re saying is, “if I book a room it can’t be cancelled?” That’s correct.

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Nightly Hotel Deals - Save on your last minute getaway!